By Steven G. MehtaSteve Mehta

It’s not very often that a mediator gets to step on to the national stage.  However, nothing seems to be beyond Jeff Thompson, mediator, police officer, and now national conflict resolution sensation.  Jeff was featured in a recent Newsweek article about how volunteer mediation programs are working to help people with credit card debt.

“Being a mediator is like being a swan,” Thompson whispers before he walks into the room. “You look graceful above the water, but underneath, you’re peddling furiously to move ahead.”  That is true for Jeff.  He has been involved in many disputes gracefully, including helping to calm down riotous protesters who opposed Chinese policies in Tibet.

I had the opportunity to interview Jeff while I was in New York recently and will be uploading my video with him in the near future.  Meanwhile, keep up the good work and congratulations.