Video Conference Mediation

There are occasions where one or all of the participants in the mediation need alternative attendance options in order to participate in the mediation.  We have several options for parties to meaningfully participate in their scheduled mediation hearings.

We always encourage personal physical attendance at a mediation however, we understand that some circumstances prevent such attendance.

To ensure the best possible experience, we have invested in advanced video conferencing hardware and software which allows us to where some of the participants attend physically and others are virtual via 360 videoconference.  Or, if the parties so desire, we can also host the entire mediation via virtual video conferencing where all participants virtually attend via videoconference.

Partial Attendance and Partial Video Conference

In the partial attendance option where some participants are present and others are virtually attending, these virtual participants will be able to attend via our 360-degree video conferencing and see each physical attendee in the room at all times and will be able to interact and share information or documents with all participants with no loss of connectivity. Each speaker will be viewed in a large format while also simultaneously being part of a 360-degree view of the room.

The following is an example of how it might look.

Video Mediation Example

100% Virtual Video Conference

Instead of everyone convening in the same physical location, the participants join an online meeting. In the 100 % virtual option, just like a physical mediation, the parties will all virtually check in on the day and time of the mediation from their respective locations and will then be assigned their own private breakout virtual conference room. Parties and counsel may appear from as many separate locations as they desire. When the parties are assigned to their breakout room, the participants will be able to privately speak with each other throughout the day and communicate privately with the mediator.  Also, the parties can easily jump into a joint session if necessary. We set up the virtual rooms in the same way we do physically at our Downtown LA office: typically, a plaintiff room, a defendant room and an additional invitation-only room for “private” chats with the lawyers.

Technical Requirements

The only requirement for video conferencing would be that you have access to high-speed internet and a camera on your computer/laptop, phone or iPad.  DocuSign will be used for any necessary document signing.  You would also need to download Zoom videoconferencing software at or

We use the Zoom online meeting service for our video mediations which is similar to Facetime, Skype, or other video conferencing technology.  We have found that zoom works best for mediations. Before the Mediation, we will email you the detailed, step-by-step instructions for joining the video conference.  We will be happy to set up a personal test session for you in advance of the conference so that you and your clients will be comfortable with the technology.

Effectiveness of Video Meeting

In general, video conferencing is not the same as meeting in person. Nevertheless, video conference mediation does make sense for many cases and is far better than a simple telephonic appearance.

Research has shown that Zoom video conferencing is more 20% effective than other platforms in creating connectivity with remote members.

Zoom Meetings Screenshot

In addition, 93% of the partipants that have used the 360 degree hardware have stated that the 360 hardware has increased their zoom and video conferencing experience.

Zoom Screenshot 2