All too often, attorneys are under a lot of stress to perform, to provide a good result for clients, and to negotiate the best deal.  All of that pressure creates stress, which in turn inhibits performance, which in turn creates more stress.  Here are some tips, supported in science, to help to reduce the stress of the situation or negotiation.

According to Mark Robert Waldman, coauthor of Words Can Change Your Brain (Penguin Group, 2013) part of our brain is hardwired to worry and stress. Waldman says the good news is that you can train yourself to move to the left side of your brain through a two-step process of relaxation and positivity exercises.

Most of us don’t know how to relax, says Waldman, but it’s quite simple. He offers four ways to get to a state of relaxation, relieving mental stress:

  • Run in place for 60 seconds. Waldman says he has a treadmill next to his desk, and he takes quick running breaks throughout the day to clear his mind.
  • Close your eyes and roll your head 360 degrees, taking a full minute to do one full rotation.
  • Yawn 10 times even if you don’t feel like it. After the first few yawns, your body will kick in with real ones.
  • Very slowly stroke your hand or your arm with your fingertip.

All of these exercises lower activity in the part of your brain that generates negative emotions. “Your attention shifts from the thoughts and words going on in your mind to the experience that’s happening in your body in the present moment,” says Waldman.

In mediation, you can take a brief walk for a minute, go to the restroom and breathe deeply 10 times, or slowly stroke your hand with your fingertip easily.  Giving yourself a destress break might just help to think clearly and produce better results.

Source: Fast Company