By Steven G. Mehta

As many of you know, I am a big proponent of the IPAD.  Last Friday, the L.A. Times did an article on IPAD’s that included some quotes from me.  I thought you might be interested.  Here is an excerpt of the article written by David Sarno:

There was a time when Steve Mehta was on his laptop nonstop. Nowadays, he hardly touches it.

The 43-year-old attorney uses his tablet computer to highlight legal briefs, take notes for court cases or flip though a digital version of the California probate code.

“The laptop is so limited,” Mehta he said as he stood against the wall of a crammed Los Angeles subway car, watching an episode of “Modern Family” on his tablet. “But everything you want to do, this thing does.”

So long, laptop? Not quite. But in just over a year, the tablet era ushered in by Apple Inc.’s iPad has upended the personal computing world.

Manufacturers believe sales of tablets will eclipse those of laptops in the U.S. by next year. Retailers are beginning to set aside more space for tablets, shrinking display room for other computers. Microsoft Corp., whose fortunes are still largely linked to the PC, saw its largest one-day stock drop in two years last week on declining software sales.

As for netbooks, industry executives say those downsized laptops are toast, as consumers opt for tablets instead.

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