By Steven G. Mehta

The long awaited results of a trial San Luis Obispo recently came down.  The trial that took approximately three months to conduct finally resolved.  The verdict was reported by Nick Wilson of the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Mr. Wilson wrote:

The family of a 96-year-old woman who developed a bedsore on her lower back was awarded $161,264 on Tuesday in a lawsuit filed against her caregivers, but two local doctors also named in the suit were found not responsible for any wrongdoing.

There were also allegations of elder abuse against the nursing home which the jury found to be unfounded.  According to Mr. Wilson’s interview with one of the jurors, the jury foreperson Cynthia Jenkins of San Luis Obispo said it was difficult for the jury to come to its decision after two days of deliberations. She said she felt concern for each of the parties involved in the suit.

“We didn’t think anyone was intentionally malicious,” Jenkins said. “We did think there was some carelessness [regarding the Nursing home]. But it was a tough spot for everyone.”

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