We are committed to following the recommended guidelines from the CDC and local government officials. While we offer both fully virtual and partially virtual mediations (see below), our new protocols for in-person mediation in DTLA include (but are not limited to):


continued 6′ social distancing

Attendees must maintain a distance of 6′ from other attendees at all times.


protective supplies

Attendees must wear face masks at all times, as made mandatory by the Governor of CA. Hand sanitizer will be accessible to all attendees throughout the day.


enhanced cleaning & protective measures

We have also installed Plexiglass dividers, HEPA air filtration & Germicide UV light sanitation devices.


occupancy limits

Only 2 in-person attendees will be allowed per side, per room. Any attendees beyond that may join remotely, via Zoom. If additional attendees must appear in-person, the parties are subject to additional fees in order to cover the cost of reserving additional conference rooms.


contactless sign-in

Sign-ins and all other necessary document signing will be completed using DocuSign.

Virtual Mediation Testimonials

“Welcome to the ‘new normal’ of Zoom mediations. Steve Mehta handled the Zoom mediation flawlessly and effortlessly. Other than the missing snacks, the mediation — from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. — worked out just as well as if we had been doing an in-person mediation. The main difference — I got to wear shorts! In sum, a fully successful mediation with one of the best mediators in the business.”

SG – Plaintiff Attorney, Los Angeles,

“This was my first time using virtual mediation and it worked perfectly. It was just like being with all of the parties in the same room and just as secure as any other mediation. Additionally, the quality was very clear and there were no feedback issues. The entire process from beginning to end was made very easy by Mr. Mehta’s office.”

TM – Defense Attorney

“We were very pleased with the process. The technology was seamless and we were able to communicate every bit as well as had we appeared in person. Steve did an excellent job preparing the parties for the process and conducting the mediation in virtual rooms. We would do it again.”

EH -Defense Attorney

“After the pandemic outbreak, our mediations were being canceled and rescheduled. I wasn’t sure if the virtual mediation could replace an in-person mediation and like a lot of my colleagues, I was very concerned about the future of my employment practice especially knowing the importance of private mediations. However, after doing a virtual mediation with Steve Mehta, I’m very optimistic about virtual mediations and it was very reassuring. The pre-mediation virtual conference gave me the opportunity to discuss the relevant issues with the mediator which allowed us to hit the ground running at the actual mediation. The breakout rooms gave us privacy and I was also able to communicate and share documents with my client both privately and with the mediator with such ease especially since I also had access to my entire case file. It was an emotional case for my client and the virtual mediation also alleviated some of the anxiety especially knowing that my client did not have to meet or see the other side. The virtual mediation was informal but at the same time still a confidential, efficient, and powerful setting for our very important mediation process.”

DL – Plaintiff Attorney

“I was skeptical of the zoom mediation process but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and how similar it was to a normal mediation. I have no complaints and would not hesitate to conduct a virtual mediation again.”

SB – Defense Attorney

“We have had very good experiences with Steve Mehta on our remote mediations. As usual, Steve has been ahead of the curve on technology and our mediations with him have been very productive.”

JL – Plaintiff Attorney

“My mediation with Mr. Mehta was the most successful zoom mediation I have had to date. Mr. Mehta prepared all the parties and provided us with a walkthrough of the technical logistics necessary for a successful remote mediation. Additionally, he addressed privacy concerns regarding a zoom mediation (i.e. whether communications between my client and I were actually private, etc.). On the day of mediation, there were no technical difficulties and everything went smoothly. I was happy to hear there was a contingency plan in place in the event we encountered a technical issue. Mr. Mehta also made finalizing our agreement remotely an effortless task. Our mediation was easy, convenient, and more importantly, successful. I would definitely use Mr. Mehta again, in person, or remotely.”

JA – Defense Attorney

“I have been representing employees since 1993. There was a long period of time in my career when private mediation was not the norm. Without mediation most employment lawsuits will go to trial, or to a binding arbitration hearing. Until there are working vaccines to Covid-19, without virtual mediation, I do not believe employees or employers can be done with any in court litigation or arbitration hearings. While I can hardly wait to get back to in person mediations with mediators like Mr. Mehta who try to make a personal difference, and close personal contact with my client, I must say I do not miss commuting to in-person mediations and scrounging for food I can eat.”

KG – Plaintiff Attorney

“The virtual mediation worked just as well as an in person mediation. Steve and his team made the process work flawlessly and I have no hesitation at doing another virtual mediation with Steve.”

SH- Defense Attorney