With the expansion of the Downtown Los Angeles office, and the continued support of the community, our offices are leaping at the opportunity to say thank you for all your support, patronage and goodwill.  To thank you for our shared efforts over the past 13 years, we celebrated Leap Year with a month-long fundraiser “Quantum Leap for Charity.”

Every four years, we experience a “Leap Year.”   This year, February was given an extra day, as a corrective measure for the Earth’s orbit.  To commemorate this once in a four-year celebration, we hosted a month-long charity event. We chose four charities, and for every person who attended a mediation during the month of February $ 29.29 was donated on their behalf to one of four charities.

Because so many people participated this past February, we were able to donate $1,493.79 to these four charities.  Here is how the donations made will make a difference in our community.

KaBOOM: Focusing on families, KaBOOM will be able to replace an entire playground structure in an inner-city neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Food Bank: Over 1,000 meals will be prepared and distributed to needy families in the Los Angeles area.

Leap Global Missions: One child will receive a life altering and medically necessary cleft palate surgery, and will obtain full medical care, including vaccinations, and up-to-date physicals.

Special Olympics Southern California: One exceptional athlete will be sponsored for one full year and will participate in the Special Olympics.


We appreciate everyone who partnered with us in the “Quantum Leap for Charity” event.