I recently saw a quote that state that perfection is the enemy of good.  It intrigued me enough to think about it more.  The quote and the article was talking about cleaning a house, but the principle applies everywhere.  The blog, at lifehacker.com suggests that striving for perfection may make you avoid seeing what is perfectly good in front of you.

Many negotiators have these “perfect goggles.”  They only see the perfect deal and refuse to consider that another deal may be a good deal.  By doing so, when the good deal comes around, they refuse to consider it and strive for perfection.  In the end, many times the deal can fall apart in that search for perfection.

It is important when negotiating to understand that you may never get the perfect deal or settlement.  Is it a good settlement?  How would you grade it?  If you can comfortably say that it is an A or B deal, you should seriously think about the deal and whether your client should take it.

However, there is no harm in looking to see if you can get a better deal.  Just don’t let the B+ deal go away in the quest for getting an A-.