By Steven G. Mehta

In my book, 112 ways to Succeed In Any Negotiation, I discuss that negotiations happen every day in every aspect of life.  I just saw a video on You Tube from the History channel show Pawn Stars where they provide some basic advice on negotiating.

Here is the video:


As you can see from their advice, one of the best things that you can do in negotiations is to be nice to the other side.  Although they don’t discuss why you should be nice, there is a lot of science behind simply being nice.

First, being nice to another person (especially in a tough business like Pawn) is a gift to the other person.  That person may like you better simply because of that gift.

Second, being nice invokes the principle of liking identified by social scientist Robert Cialdini.  People are more likely to do something for you if they like you.

Third, it is critical to establish a good first impression.  Studies show that people are more willing to listen to you and to accept your presentation if you make a good first impression.

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