By Steven G. Mehta

Here is an article By CNN that I thought was interesting regarding employment.  I thought you might be interested.

A wave of labor unrest across Europe has highlighted just how important negotiation skills are in the current economic climate.

In Germany Lufthansa staff took industrial action while British Airways workers voted for strike action. Meanwhile air traffic controllers and oil-refinery workers in France have taken industrial action, and in Spain and Greece there have been protests over government austerity measures.

But dealing with strikes is just the most extreme example of the kind of negotiations managers have to deal with every day. Knowing how to negotiate is essential for resolving workplace conflicts, making deals with clients, and moving an organization forward.

Dr Mark de Rond teaches successful negotiation strategies at Cambridge Judge Business School, in England. He told CNN the ability to empathize is a valuable tool in any negotiation — but it’s a skill senior managers don’t always develop.

“If you look at management, particularly at the higher levels, you have people who are very busy and empathy probably doesn’t come naturally to them,” he told CNN.

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