What’s in a Name?  Your name have meaning such as my mother’s name which means shadow, it can reflect your ancestor’s profession such as Miller, or it can reveal your age.  For example, my name, Steve, reveals that more likely than not, I am between the ages of 40 and 50 with a median at 45.  I am 46.  Pretty close.

I tried the name calculation out on a few of my friends of all different ages and it came out pretty accurate.   Try for yourself, by clicking here.

Why would knowing someone’s age be helpful in mediation or negotiations.  Generally, the more that you know about a person, the more you might be able to develop similarities.  What if you are negotiating with a Carol Edwards in Minnesota by email.  Perhaps you could introduce a topic about the Beatles, since the Median age of Carols are approximately 62.  Or What about Joshua Smith?  Perhaps you can discuss the newest app on your iPhone because the median age of men named Joshua is approximately 22-23.  Creating things in common can always help to develop rapport in negotiations.