Sign Easy AppThe SignEasy™ app allows a person to sign a document electronically. This is especially helpful if they are in a remote location without access to a fax or computer. They download the app, sign up for a free account, sign and email back.

I used this app with a client who was in the Outback of Australia, who was traveling and about two hours from the nearest business center (but he had cell phone service). The settlement was completed and the signature was done thanks to SignEasy™.

Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and many other countries (including Canada, UK, Australia and European Union). Up to three people can sign a document (including the account holder) on SignEasy™ and each can sign a given document multiple times. You can also insert the date, time and text or image on the document.

In addition to the convenience and time saving features, security considerations are also made:

  • Signatures created with SignEasy™ are not uploaded and stored on the server. The digital signature of each account holder is stored only on the mobile device where it was created.
  • The signature passes through the server, along with all other elements inserted on a given document, only when you agree to generate a final document .
  • Documents are stored on secure servers once they are imported and/or signed. To remove them from the server you simply delete the desired documents on the app.
  • Every request to access these documents is authenticated with the user credentials.

You can open a free account which comes with three documents to sign. If you upgrade to the premium plan for signing an unlimited number of documents, cloud storage integration and offline signing with an annual subscription price of $29.99.

Agreements need to be signed and finalized so the parties can get on with their lives. With the latest technology it doesn’t matter where you are, when you sign you no longer need a pen. All you need is a smart phone, cell phone service and an app.