“Look Up,” is a great video that describes a love story without technology.  It continues to remind me that in our world of technology, we need to make sure that we remember to engage in human interactions rather than constantly rely on the technology.  In negotiations, this principle is true too.  Too many people rely on a text instead of an email; an email, instead of a call; and a call instead of a an in person interaction.  Negotiations are much better when people can get together, when people can see each other’s face, and when we can read messages that are not just in the words.  

Part of what I do in mediation is to look up and see what is going on in both rooms and help each other understand the other’s perspective.  Most of the time, the words of the lawyers or parties do not convey the real message, we as negotiators and mediators need to look up to see the real message behind the word and the feeling behind the technology.

In that regard, I thought you might like to “Look Up.”