Join Me for NegotiationsNegotiations require communications, and anything that makes communications easier and more effective is a good thing. I recently used and found it an easy to use method to make, or attend, a presentation online, or to present documents to a distant client through your computer. is an online meeting and collaboration tool targeted to small businesses.

  • You can schedule meetings that sync with your calendar,
  • It provides call-in lines,
  • It works seamlessly between PC and MAC systems,
  • You can send files,
  • It records presentations, and
  • Its best feature is the screen-sharing function.

Screen-sharing makes it easy to explain things to people who are far away. Need to share your screen quickly to review a proposed settlement, exhibits or documents showing damages in a case? allows you to send out a link to the participants which they can click on for instant access to your desktop.  The service also includes a free conferencing bridge line that support 250 participants. is a new offering from the popular corporate service, LogMeIn which has been providing remote services on numerous devices. is a simpler version of LogMeIn.

The basic service is free. It should come as no surprise a more deluxe version (with the recording feature) is available for $19 monthly, or $13 a month for twelve months.

This kind of service could make you much more efficient and avoid the time and effort it takes to meet face to face. Obviously, in mediation, it is best to have the client present, but if you can’t have the client present to see certain documents in the mediation, is a good alternative.  Given the service is free, you can’t beat the price.

This can be used in a push to have long distance clients see the same document that you are looking at and can be used to have them sign the document with their mouse. This could also be especially helpful if you’re negotiating something particularly complex or you want to graphically show the elements of the proposed agreement or the benefits a party will get from the proposed deal.

Give a try. It’s got a great price and the benefits you get may be well worth the effort.