By Steven G. Mehta

As most mothers are oft to say — there is nothing like a good first impression.  Well one of the first things in a good impression is a good handshake.  How do you do one and what do some people percieve about you based on your handshake?  Well I was thinking about these issues recently when a client I met for the first time mentioned that I had a good handshake during a mediation and that he knew we would have good results.

First, I thought, just based on the handshake.  Wait until I have said something. But later, I thought about the importance of the shake, and thought I would look for some research on the issue.

First, here is a nice description of the different types of handshakes and their possible meanings.


One of the main points about the handshake that was briefly mentioned in the video is that it is not just the handshake, but the eye contact and body language.  Is there good eye contact?  How does your body look?  Is it open to the other person or closed?  Does your body, eyes, and handshake, say welcome — or how long is this going to take?

Here is another view of how the handshake — when done wrong can affect you.  In addition, it shows some handshakes in real life.


One of the things that is not discussed in either of these clips is the issue of cultural variations on the handshake.  I will research these issues later.

Finally, here is a clip of the absence of a handshake and the message it sends.