I know that for the last 6 months, I have not been publishing as much as I used to.  During this time period, I have missed writing but was forced due to many personal circumstances to not write.  Among these circumstances was the passing of a loved one and dealing with that loss amongst the family.  That experience, however, has taught me a few things that I thought might be helpful to discuss here.  In that regard, I thought that it could re-launch my blog on a regular basis.

Some of my educational experiences that can apply to mediators and people in mediation.

  • Dealing with Loss — as hard as it is — can also further connect you to other people.  
  • Being an attorney or mediator is often hard business requiring long hours and dedication.  A balance is necessary in order to be effective.  All work, and no downtime can substantially decrease the effectiveness of the attorney or mediator.  Creating balance on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis is invaluable.
  • Taking a moment to contemplate and breathe before undertaking a major task can open up your mindset and your ability and willingness to understand others.
  • It is better to  undercommit and over-deliver than overcommitt and underproduce.

I will look forward to continuing our conversations.

By Steven G. Mehta