By Steven G. Mehta

In light of the recent terrorist attacks, I was recently interviewed by the Canadian magazine, Canadian Business.  I thought you might like the article.  The following is a brief excerpt.

In 1987, Terry Waite, then in Beirut as an envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, was taken hostage by members of an Islamic militia group. After his release 1,760 days later, Waite dedicated his life to travelling the world as a hostage negotiator. Talking to the BBC’s Focus Magazine, Waite explained there are several key qualities a hostage negotiator must convey in order to succeed: credibility, relatability and trustworthiness. “If you can do that,” he said, you can “try and see a way through the problem which doesn’t involve compromis[ing] your principles.”

On the news and in the movies, where most of us have witnessed hostage negotiators in action, the ability to talk one’s way in and out of highly combustible situations with minimal collateral damage can save lives. But transferred to the workplace, says Steven Mehta, a Los Angeles — based lawyer and mediator, and the author of 112 Ways to Succeed in Any Negotiation or Mediation, these very same skills may just help you save your job.

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