By Steven G. Mehta

I was at a convention recently presenting on how to interact with difficult people.  At that seminar I met a friend of mine from Facebook, Kia Feyzjou.  It reminded me of a thought I saw in a post.

Face-to-face interactions help you push your thinking. I’m at Meetup because I get more out of in-person interactions than I do with pure online discussions. For example, the people I’ve met in the Lean Startup Meetup that I co-organize have become some of my favorite people in NYC, and help motivate me to look at things in a new way.  (From the 99 Percent Solution)

The reality of social media is that it is social.  However, for a business to apply social media effectively, they have to get out there and shake hands and meet people in person.  Social media by itself is not going to completely move the ball forward.

As an attorney or mediator, you cannot rely on social media to perpetuate the buzz about you.  Buzz may start through social media, but it lasts through one on one contact.   In light of that thought process I am going on a quest to go face to face to meet more people on vacation.  I will see you in a couple of weeks.