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23 03, 2010

What to Charge? The How and Why.

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As you may know, I conducted a seminar on a 112 ways to succeed in your mediation practice recently and promised the participants that I would slowly place my tips on the blog. Well here is another one of the tips. Think hard about the price you charge.

17 02, 2010

Mediation Follow Up: What, Why and How

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Last night I gave a seminar called 112 Ways to Succeed in Your Mediation Practice. The program was a huge success. The program discussed what can be done to create a better practice of mediation. As part of the program, I gave 112 different tips on what to do both during mediation and in marketing the mediation practice. By request, I am going to start to address some of these points in my blog. I will endeavor to periodically provide a tip that was identified in the seminar and discuss the issues relating to the tip. This week’s tip: