By Steven G. Mehta

I recently saw an interesting essay on anger, its cause, and the reasons behind it that I thought you might like by author PAVEL G. SOMOV, PH.D.  Here is a brief excerpt:

By the time we get out of kindergarten we have a sneaking suspicion that there is more than one take on reality.  This realization (that things are not black and white) pretty much crystallizes by the time we get out of the high-school.  What starts out as a clear-cut case of pain and pleasure and right and wrong year after year becomes progressively more nuanced and subtle.  As we learn the befuddling lessons of life, we become more tempered, more tentative.  We begin to appreciate that Socratic epistemological modesty of only knowing that we don’t know anything.  As we cultivate this philosophical doubt and dress-rehearse “who knows?” shrugs of nonchalance at the absurdity of life, we secretly yearn for certainty.  That’s why we relish anger.

Authentic anger comes from total conviction in your cause, however serious or trivial it might be.  It is pretty much impossible to be really angry and in doubt.  Anger is beyond doubt.  Anger is certainty.  Anger is a moment of crystal clarity.  And that is its infectious emotional allure.  Anger – unless you are faking it – is a rare moment of feeling that you are absolutely and unquestionably right.  Anger is righteousness.

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