“I didn’t think this case was going to settle. And you did it.” Lawrence Kulman – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to you. The professionalism and expertise you displayed was impressive. I will definitely recommend you.” Jerry Montoya – Behrens, Simms, Harrel, Chase, DeVorkin, & Quan – Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for your great job in mediating the case. Even though we did not settle, your mediation was extremely valuable. Your skills and tireless efforts are the primary reason this case settled within a short period of time after the mediation session.” Fred Hayes – Bradley & Gmelich – Glendale, CA

“Mr. Mehta’s efforts brought resolution to a case which I thought would not settle. Without a doubt, we would recommend him for future mediations.” Steven Barkin – Stockdale & Wilson – Los Angeles, CA

“I wish to thank you once again for the excellent job you did in settling this case for us. Everyone involved is extremely grateful to you, and very much impressed with your patience, attention to detail, homework, and ability to read character, all of which helped this case to settle.” Victor Jacobovitz – Los Angeles, CA

“On behalf of myself and my client, I want to sincerely thank you for your assistance in settling the above-referenced matter. Thank you for your friendly and professional demeanor as well as your tireless efforts to resolve this matter. We look forward to working with you in the near future.” Paul Lee – Newport Beach, CA

“Just wanted to thank you for your evenhandedness in hearing out both sides of the matter during the mediation. It showed great character and is a trait of a great mediator.” William Gargaro – Century City, CA

“I handle complex personal injury matters and have mediated numerous cases with some of California’s best mediators. Without a doubt, Steve Mehta is ranked as one of the best mediators I have seen. He is professional, insightful, and will not stop working until the case is resolved. I would recommend him to anyone for their mediations.” Gerald MacRae – Los Angeles, CA

“Steve did a great job. He settled what I truly believed was an unsettleable case.” Paul Bigley – Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley & Jennett – Los Angeles, CA

“I want to congratulate you on the excellent job you did in settling this case. I am absolutely amazed with your patience and persistence. I never thought that it could be done.” Barak Isaacs – Encino, CA

“We both want to say thank you and it was truly a pleasure to be part of your work. You were amazing that day…and you made it seem so easy. We both learned a lot from you.” Bob Rodriquez – Palm Springs, CA

“Thank you so much for taking your time to pay attention to this matter. You possess a subtle tenacity that will continue to serve you and [the parties to mediation] well.” Alesha Brown – Honolulu, HI

“I was pleasantly surprised to see it get settled. I didn’t think it would happen.” David Lisiewski – Masry & Vititoe – Westlake Village, CA

“I wanted to express my appreciation of your professionalism and expertise during the mediation process. Even if our case did not settle today, I would have counted this mediation as a productive day. I had five goals I wanted to accomplish today which were: 1) solicit a demand 2) meet the plaintiffs 3) get a neutral opinion on the case value 4) get close to resolving the issues 5) and SETTLE if warranted. Thanks to you, all of these goals were accomplished. You were creative, professional and direct. Thank you again for the fair resolution to our case.” Verna Austria – Farmers Insurance – Woodland Hills, CA

“In a difficult case with both sides so far apart you not only got it settled, but you did so in one session and leaving both sides pleased with the result.” Ronald Koerner – Los Angeles, CA

“I want to personally thank you for the outstanding job you did in the dispute. It was without a doubt the best mediation session I have ever participated in. You were excellent. You were able to identify the issue, eliminate all the unnecessary baggage, and get each side to compromise to resolve the matter.” Sue Ann Howard – Lancaster, CA

“I have attended numerous mediations. Mr. Mehta is one of the best mediators I have seen in any of those.” Luis Soman – Los Angeles, CA

“This man is a miracle worker.” Adam Silverstein – Carpenter & Zuckerman – Los Angeles, CA

“Without a doubt, we would recommend you for future mediations.” Tamiko Herron – Owen, Patterson & Owen – Valencia, CA

“Very good! Steve Mehta was very patient with a difficult case.” Douglas Aberle – Locke, Rudman & Aberle – Beverly Hills, CA

“Even in the absence of the plaintiff and defense adjustor, Steve was successful in achieving an equitable settlement with the remaining defendant.” Alfred Stedman – Granada Hills, CA

“I don’t know how you did it! You settled a case that was headed towards a long trial. Job well done Mr. Mehta!” Morton Struhl – Inglewood, CA

“Before I came here to your mediation, I was convinced that we would have to try this case to have a resolution. After seeing Mr. Mehta work, I was convinced that he can mediate anything.” Robert Kum – Los Angeles, CA

“From early on, you made us feel that we had hope that we could settle this case. Your positive outlook and your skill as a mediator helped guide us to settlement.” David Ortega – Los Angeles, CA

“After Mr. Mehta’s mediation, both sides ended the mediation satisfied. We settled the case and felt that we had done the best possible under the circumstances.” Jeffrey Knoll – Canoga Park, CA

“As a defense attorney, I have worked with many mediators. Mr. Mehta is one of the best mediators I have seen. He works hard to achieve a fair resolution for both sides. He took time and skill to get the job done despite vastly different starting points.” Kenneth Ralidis – Los Angeles, CA

“Mr. Mehta has great skills as a mediator, which explains his higher than average success rate.” Danielle Roshala – Hancock, Rothert & Bunshoft, LLP – Los Angeles, CA

“Steve’s attention to detail assisted in showing both sides reasons for altering their positions. He is a natural. Thank you for agreeing to help us! I think that you did something that no one else could, settle this case!” Julie Esposito – Prestholt & Fidone, LLP – Glen v. Taylor, Pasadena, CA

“Steve Mehta is one of the best mediators I have come across in a long time. He is extremely helpful with workable suggestions to move towards a settlement.” Elaine Trevino – Civil Service Employees – Pasadena, CA

“Mr. Mehta, without a doubt, is an extremely effective mediator. He was fair to both sides and helped settle a case that we had not been able to do for a very long time. He suggested several approaches that ultimately proved successful in bridging the gap between the parties. Mr. Mehta will be the first name I suggest.” Robert French – Valencia, CA

“Steve is very creative in coming up with alternative approaches to mediating. He is a good listener and makes you feel “heard”. He is very creative and knowledgeable as to what works.” Julie Esposito – Prestholt & Fidone, LLP – Pasadena, CA

“Your experience and patience were crucial to resolving a most difficult case. I look forward to working with you again.” Frank Duran – Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for your time. I am sorry that we were not able to get the case settled. However, your efforts are to be commended and I would recommend your services highly.” Jamie Skebba – Moore, Winter, Skebba & McLennan – Glendale, CA

“Your ability to effectively evaluate the situation and true concern for the client made for a pleasurable mediation with amazing results. It couldn’t have been done without you Mr. Mehta.” Brian A. Yapko – Los Angeles, CA

“There is no doubt, you are one of the best mediators I have ever seen.” Lorenzo Taylor – State Farm Insurance – Thousand Oaks, CA

“After we reached an impasse, I was prepared to leave and start a trial. You helped us avoid a very costly trial.” Robert Shiri – Santa Monica, CA

“Steven Mehta is the best mediator I have ever used. Every mediator must emulate his style. I don’t think I will want to use another mediator over him.” Chima Anyanwu – Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for your hard work and patience. We went from miles apart to the settlement because of Steve’s effort. We had many individual defendants and Steve did an excellent job of listening to everyone’s concerns while still keeping the mediation moving forward.” John Carrigan – Littler & Mendelson – Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent performance – your mediation resolved a dispute which I believed would only be resolved at trial.” Drew Antablin – Beverly Hills, CA

“I thought that we would come to a halt really quickly based upon my prior experience in this case. I can’t explain, but all of a sudden, I went from feeling the case would never settle to feel we can’t help but settle. You were the key to that process.” John Oh – Los Angeles, CA

“I want to take the time to thank you for your efforts in settling this case.You did an excellent job in creating and satisfying realistic expectations.” Daniel Morin – Parker, Mills & Patel, LLP – Los Angeles, CA

“Steve was very impartial and honest. He was very professional and helpful. I would recommend him to everyone!” Francisco Nogales – Valencia, CA

“I don’t know how it happened. But despite huge obstacles and heated emotions you brought the parties close enough together that we knew we couldn’t not settle this case.” Victor Alexandroff – City of LA Attorney’s Office – Los Angeles, CA

“I want to take the time to thank you for your efforts in settling this case. You did a really great job.” Dan Alderman – Kinkle, Rodiger & Spriggs – Los Angeles, CA

“I am truly amazed at your skill and ability as a mediator!” Raymond E. Wasden – Los Angeles, CA

“I don’t think any other mediator could have settled this case. However, Mr. Mehta accomplished a miracle and settled it.” Mabel Bejar – Danz & Gerber – Sherman Oaks, CA

“If it wasn’t for Mr. Mehta’s continuing efforts and professionalism as a mediator, we would have never gotten this case settled.” Paul Nummelin – Progressive Insurance- Pomona, CA

“I have seen many mediators. None of them can compare to your innate ability to continue to subtly move the parties forward, even when the parties themselves don’t think any more can be done. We went from two different universes to the same row in the ballpark without even realizing it.” Robert B. Corsun – Sherman Oaks, CA

“I always believed that some mediations are a waste of time and can be a frustrating procedure. You changed my perception of that. I am now convinced that any mediation in which you are a mediator is valuable.” Raymond R. Moore – Moore, Winter, Skebba & McLennan, LLP – Glendale, CA

“You have a rare gift to bring about a meeting of the minds when two views would otherwise seem irreconcilable. I’ve never seen better. Truly. I will bring my toughest cases to you.” Kathryn DiCarlo – Law Offices of Marsha Munemura – Glendale, CA

“Thank you for your efforts in settling this case. Without Mr. Mehta’s help, we would have never have gotten this case settled.” Linda Pierce – Morris, Polich & Purdy – Los Angeles, CA

“We felt extremely comfortable having Mr. Mehta mediate our case. He is very sincere in his efforts. Even when the parties had given up, he kept on trying to get the case settled. He made the difference and settled our case” Jay Hill – Malsetta & Associates – Glendale, CA

“This case would never have settled with a different mediator.” Harry J. Rebhuhn – Los Angeles, CA

“From your mediation, it is obvious that you truly care about helping both sides get to a fair settlement. Without your hard work, we could never have settled this case.” Jack Heiter

“We were definitely delighted to have had the opportunity to use Mr. Mehta as our mediator. He did an exceptional job settling a case that we thought was unachievable. Great job!” Ronald M. Lebow – Los Angeles, CA

“Although we did not settle at the mediation session, your efforts and guidance were the key reasons we settled this case at all.” Cindy Lee – Franscell, Strickland, Roberts & Lawrence – Glendale, CA

“Thank you for helping us at the mediation. Although we did not settle, it was not because you didn’t try. If you couldn’t settle this case, it wasn’t going to settle.” Eugene Paolino – Moorpark, CA

“This case was not going to settle in 3 hours but [he] did a great job and we got further than I thought we could. [Mr. Mehta] showed a practical knowledge of how to move things forward.” Erik Syverson – Pick & Boydston, LLP – Los Angeles, CA

“I always imagined a mediation to be a complicated and frustrating procedure. Mr. Mehta changed my perception of that; making for an effortless mediation.” JoAnn Kelly -Fremont Strategies – Beverly Hills, CA

“Mr. Mehta was able to bridge what seemed like an impossible gap and bring the two sides together in a last ditch effort to spare a trial.” Michael Lavetter – Arnold & Porter – Los Angeles, CA

“Steve is very skilled in seeing the case from the plaintiff’s, defendant’s and prospective juror’s point of view – helping all parties to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses in the case.” Catherine Coble – McNeil, Tropp & Braun, LLP – Newport Beach, CA

“Process was very creative to finally come up with a settlement” Jeff Gardner – Fremont Strategies – Beverly Hills, CA

“Mr. Mehta is the best mediator that I have come across in many years” Marc Wasserman – Wasserman & Mejia – Stanton, CA

“Steve’s knowledge of the process and ability to gauge the other side were the only things that could make this mediation work.” Alex Cote – Arnold & Porter – Los Angeles, CA

“I never thought the other side would come to an agreement. If anyone is in need of a mediator, I would refer them to Steve without hesitation.” Maria Marlatt – Lancaster, CA

“Mr. Mehta, through his expertise, brought this case to an amicable resolution. We did not think this would be possible, but he made it happen. Thank you.” Linda Miller Savitt – Ballard, Rosenberg, Golpher & Savitt – Universal City, CA

“I can only say thank you for agreeing to help us. I wish that I had known you earlier because you could have helped my clients to get much better results in litigation.” Peter Levine – Los Angeles, CA

“Mr. Mehta is a very capable mediator and has an uncanny grasp of knowing how to convince people to settle their cases. He understands the wants and needs of the parties and works to help both sides so everyone genuinely believes they have made a good decision.” Brian Reed – Lancaster, CA

“I came to this mediation with doubt of settling this case. Through Mr. Mehta’s experience and patience, he worked with both parties and this case settled to my surprise.” Elizabeth O’Donnell – Lewis, D’Amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard – Los Angeles, CA

“Mr. Mehta was especially insightful and had good methodology. He is the best mediator I’ve had.” Merrill W. Francis – Francis & Blanco – Alhambra, CA

“When I first thought of coming to Valencia to do a mediation, I was concerned that the distance was too far. But I was surprised that it was actually much closer than I thought; and then when I got here, I was surprised at the wonderful environment of your office. Then, when i saw your mediation, I was amazed and glad that I agreed to you as a mediator. You took us from the brink of a long trial to settlement without breaking a sweat. Thanks again for your great job.” Ricky W. Poon – Alhambra, CA

“Mr. Mehta made me feel exceptionally at ease from the very beginning. He did an outstanding job helping both sides arrive at a solution that made everyone happy.” Dominick F. Mills – Palmdale, CA

“He was very helpful in coming to a resolution. We were glad that we don’t spend any more time on this. Thank you Steve” Tony Kim – Los Angeles, CA

“Even though the case could not be settled, Mr. Mehta was very enduring and supportive. He presented ideas to both sides that have made us think considerably about the case. The information was invaluable.” Carl Saltzman – Los Angeles, CA

“Just when we thought this difficult case would not settle, Mr. Mehta came in and got the job done! Thank you for your help in the resolution of a very difficult case.” Reid Steinfeld – Law Offices of Reid Steinfeld – Calabasas, CA

“Even in the face of high emotions and impasse from early on, you overcame it and settled this case. Thank you.” Frank Estrada – Los Angeles, CA

“Steve is knowledgeable, patient and creative. His insight into the legal issues proved to help educate a lay-person client, and I believe contributed significantly to reaching a resolution.” R.K. Bickerstaff – Law Offices of R.K. Bickerstaff – Los Angeles, CA

“Steve did an amazing job of bringing, what I thought to be an unsettleable case, into a range both sides could live with”. Matthew Rungaitis, Moore, Winter, Skebba & McLenna, LLP – Glendale, CA

“Mr. Mehta enjoys the skillful art of mediation. This transforms into his work. This was a very difficult matter that involved time lines that had to be met. Mr. Mehta worked with the time lines.” Martin Martinez – Martinez Law Offices – Napa, CA

“Steve is outstanding in all phases of the mediation procedures. That you Steve.” Dr. Vernon E. Simpson – Westlake Village, CA

“Mr. Mehta showed extraordinary stamina in pursuit of a resolution in our case, which was incapable of being settled – or so we thought. His mediation technique definitely demonstrates the deft touch of a master.” Charles Funaro – Law Offices of Charles Funaro – Pasadena, CA

“Steve did an excellent job. I’ve not had a postive expereince mediating cases with no insurance and Steve did a good job.” Anthony C. Lanzone – Wilkes & McHugh, P.A. – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“Steve is a terrific mediator. He attempted to perform the impossible task of dancing at two different weddings at the same time better than anyone else I’ve seen! We correctly selected him to mediate this elderly/dependent abuse case. His background and experience was assuring and reliable.” Benjamin Ammeian – Law Offices of Benjamin Ammeian – Los Angeles, CA

“I liked the techniques – they were effective and resulted in a fair settlement to my client.” Susan E. Clark – Law Offices of Susan E. Clark – Lancaster, CA

“I thought this case would be impossible to resolve in mediation. However, Steve was able to work a solution for both parties. God Bless Steve G. Mehta!!” Lawrence D. Larry – Littlerock, CA

“Mr. Mehta did a superb job of listening to the facts and the client’s fears and feelings about settlement. He was very patient and sensitive to the client’s needs and always made her feel that he was being fair. He was very insightful, understanding and responsive to the client’s feeling and apprehension in a very emotional case. I sincerely thank you!” Jessica E. Carranza – Kirtland & Packard

“Great job Steve!” Kevin Eng – Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith – Los Angeles, CA

“This was the second case I’ve mediated with Steve – but certainly not the last. He was very effective in bring closure.” Steven D. Archer – Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi – Los Angeles, CA

“Without Steve’s knowledge and patience this case would not have settled.” Julie Gerard – JSG Law Group – Agoura Hills, CA