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18 05, 2011

Obstacles to Creativity in Mediation

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One of the key things that a mediator can provide for clients is the ability to think creatively. Indeed, some would say that a mediator’s ability to be creative is one of the key traits to being an effective mediator. Creativity, however, doesn’t necessarily mean painting the Mona Lisa. Instead, for mediators, creativity means thinking out of the box to work towards a resolution. It does not mean, finding a resolution, but merely working towards it. I recently found a post by blogger, Brian Clark, who writes on copywriting on the web. His article is entitled, Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking? I think this list is quite helpful to keep in mind, as a mediator. He has listed the mental blocks, which I will provide you, and then I will discuss my thoughts regarding mediation.