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5 11, 2010

New Scientific Research Discounts The Discounting of Scientific Research

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So much of what we do in mediation is an attempt to convince people to change their mind regarding something that they have been set on for a long time. Sometimes, we use research or studies to support our attempt to help change the behavior or decision. We may cite to other experiences or statistical analysis. However, recent research has revealed that there may be problems with this approach. According to Geoffrey Munro at Towson University in America, when people are faced with scientific research that clashes with their personal view, they make every effort to discount that information.

1 11, 2010

Facebook Posts, Losing Your Job, Your Privacy, and Your Dignity

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Recently I gave a lecture about social media and suggested that people need to watch what they say because it is being used in legal proceedings. In fact, we discussed the issue in the seminar whether it is the standard of care to investigate social media in a case. I also wrote a post about useless comments on Facebook. So I decided to show some useless posts that have many legal uses and implications. In other words, posts that are really embarassing that shouldn't have been put up in the first place. I thought I would put the post and then some advice along with it.