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31 10, 2010

I’m Eating At Cupid’s Hot Dogs and Other Superficial Facebook Comments Aren’t So Meaningless As You Think

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ust recently I was having a discussion with some people regarding the different types of content on Facebook. I was getting inundated with requests to support specific political candidates. At that time, we also discussed the inane chit chat that often makes up Facebook. Some people commented that they don’t want to know about Johnny’s pet cat and others said that such comments are what makes Facebook so good. Well some recent research suggests that those comments and the superficial nature of some contacts on Facebook may be more worthwhile some people think.

22 10, 2010

Attorneys in Mediation: Angel or Devil or Both?

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Recently I saw an article that addressed the issue of what effect attorneys have on the mediation process. Interestingly, the article discussed the claim that many mediators view attorneys as having a negative impact on the medition. I do not necessarily share that view and believe that it might only apply to consumer mediations as opposed to litigated mediations.

9 10, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love in Mediation

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One of the things that I hear often in mediation is the concept that the case is about money. Although the answer to the issue does depend on what perspective, new research helps to address how to possibly try to be satisfied with the results in mediation. One study found that people who are directed to think about time plan to spend more of their time with the people in their lives while people who think about money fill their schedules with work.

5 10, 2010

8 Listening Habits of the Highly Unsuccessful People

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One of the fundamental things that a good negotiator and mediator can do during a mediation is to listen well. When listening, you will often find many great cues to unraveling the reasons for why the other side has a stated position. –Unfortunately, many litigators make numerous mistakes in failing to listen during a mediation and solely focusing on talking.