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29 06, 2010

New California Case Affects Recovery of Medical Bills

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An appellate court in California has added another decision that will either help or hurt the debate on the issue of whether medical bills can be recovered by plaintiffs in personal injury cases based on the amount billed or actually paid.

18 06, 2010

100 Milliseconds is all it takes

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here is a common feeling amongst trial lawyers that the first moments of a trial are often the most important. Indeed, there is research that shows that the jury has made its mind up in voir dire. Well new research suggests that people make decisions very quickly and often those decisions are not on the merits; but instead on other superficial factors.

9 06, 2010

It's All About the Handshake

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As most mothers are oft to say --- there is nothing like a good first impression. Well one of the first things in a good impression is a good handshake. How do you do one and what do some people percieve about you based on your handshake? Well I was thinking about these issues recently when a client I met for the first time mentioned that I had a good handshake during a mediation and that he knew we would have good results.