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30 04, 2010

Are You Threatened By This Deal?

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How people view the negotiation can seriously affect the results that you achieve. My wife and I have very different views about negotiation. I thrive on it; she on the other hand views it as a necessary process. I love the swap meet and the art of negotiating at garage sales, she prefers to not attend the garage sale at all and simply go to the mall. That, however, might be her preference on shopping and not on negotiation. A new study, however, verifies that the way people percieve negotiation will affect the outcome.

29 04, 2010

Argument Clinic

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By Steven G. Mehta Just for fun, I thought you might like the argument clinic.  Here it is: [youtube=]

23 04, 2010

How to Not Choke in the Mediation on Game Day

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I have started to read some material written by Jonah Lehrer, a contributing editor at Wired and author of Proust Was A Neuroscientist and the book How We Decide. He has found some interesting research on different ways that we make decisions and how we come to such decisions.

20 04, 2010

New Window For Mediation Offices Without Windows

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I have for a long time been thinking about how to create a window in a windowless environment. Perhaps I have seen too many science fiction movies where you can change the scene at will. I even joked with my friend and told her that I could live by the beach with a HD videoscreen that will be mounted against my wall as a window that shows images of the ocean.

16 04, 2010

Embryo Custody Mediation

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What will a mother in Missouri, a parent in California, and a mediator in San Francisco do with the case of embryonic mediation? A news story out of the San Francisco Chronicle reported on the story of a couple in California that contractually gave embryos to a midwestern couple. Here is the story:

9 04, 2010

Mindfulness in Mediation Matters a Must

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For some time now, I have tried to practice the concept of being mindful or meditation before starting a mediation. I started thinking about meditation and mediation about two years ago as a result of hearing how some people viewed it as the reason for their success. I have frequently written about how being mindful in mediation can help resolve problems. Recently, I saw some research in the field of marriage and family therapy that bears directly on the profession of mediation. That research advocates the teaching of mindfulness in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) training and classes.

6 04, 2010

Packing Up Your Troubles in Mediation

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Going to vacation for me is always a fascinating experience. The week before the vacation you go crazy to try and get ready for vacation, and the week that you return is crazy trying to catch up. But that week or two that you are gone is blissful. And you feel that it is all worth it to take that torture for the week before and after. Well as you can guess by the lack of my posts for the last week or so, I have been on vacation. Thinking of vacation and the packing and unpacking, though, made me think of the effects of the saying “pack up your troubles and move along….”