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29 01, 2010

This one time in Band Camp, I Learned to Empathize

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In the movie American Pie, there is a character named Alison who always said the phrase, “one time in band camp….” Everytime she said the phrase, she would have this whimsical lilt to her voice. Initially, the main characters ignored her (partially because of her “annoying” voice), but eventually in the series it turned out she was a very empathetic person who helped the main characters in their endeavors. Well it turns out that Alison’s linguistic inflection have been found to scientifically make her more empathetic.

28 01, 2010

You Can Have Your Mediation and Your Chocolate Cake Too

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I saw a fascinating post about negotiations and chocolate cake in a recent post by Andrea Schneider on the ADR Prof Blog. I also want to thank Professor Schneider for bringing this issue to everyone's attention. The post addresses an article in the Wall Street Journal that studies the role of emotional responses after information overload. And the truth is -- it doesn't take much to cause rational overload that then creates an emotional response. Here is a brief excerpt from the Wall Street Journal Article by Jonah Lehrer

19 01, 2010

The Mediator’s Proposal Roundtable: The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

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Recently the topic of the mediator's proposal came up in a topic of conversation. Several people had different views on how the proposal should be made, if at all. I decided that this might be a nice topic for a Mediation Roundtable. The format of the roundtable is that I have given each mediator 5 questions. Each mediator's answer will be in its original form, unedited, and together. This will provide you with several different views on one topic in one place. As such, I am presenting to you the topic of Mediator's Proposal Roundtable: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

17 01, 2010

How do I Set My Rate: The Age Old Question Answered

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Due to the terrible economy that has affected every industry, lawyers and mediators are now forced to go on their own or to develop their own business. One question that everyone asks is how much do I bill? Well now instead of floundering in the dark and aiming darts at balloons identifying billing hours, there is a nice program that helps to address what you need to make and how much you need to work to break even and make a profit.