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14 12, 2009

Mediation in History

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I thought I would start this week by creating a new feature reflecting the history of mediation. This feature will discuss mediation as the term has been used in history, and how mediation has worked, not worked or been used in historical terms. This feature will try to use documents or news from the past to reflect on the history of mediation.

7 12, 2009

The New Type C Personality: Emotionally Repressed

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We have all heard of Type A personalities. We may have even heard of type B personalities (the lesser known cousin because it is the type that has a healthy expression of feelings, commitment to something, and desire) but have you heard about a Type C personality? A new book discusses this new type of personality and its effects on the person.

4 12, 2009

Mandatory and Voluntary Mediation: A Comparison of Effectiveness and Perspective

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There is often a discussion of the differences in mandatory or voluntary mediation. Some people believe that mandatory mediation is not as effective as voluntary. Whereas, others believe that the process is as effective, but that the parties come to the two different mediations with different perspectives. I recently read a book that shed some new light on this topic.