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16 11, 2009

9 Year Old Mediator Could Teach Us All Something

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I came across an interesting article about a 9 year old child and her mediation skills. The latter part of it has a political discussion which you can choose to read or ignore based on your political views. But the story about the child is fascinating. We could all learn from her. Here is a brief excerpt of that story...

13 11, 2009

Carrie Prejean and Mediation Confidentiality

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The saga of Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant for the Miss USA pageant who came out against gay marriage, had a picture of her breasts "accidentally" exposed during a photo shoot, and who sued the Pageant, which then countersued to get back their money for her breast implants, and who then settled the case when a sex tape was discovered of her, is still in the news. But this time, she took on Larry "Inappropriate" King for the ultimate fight about mediation confidentiality.

12 11, 2009

Personality Matters — What's Yours?

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As a mediator, being the in middle of the conflict, there are many occasions where your personality will get tested. During those occasions, it is important for you to have done introspection to understand your own personal buttons so that they do not become a problem in the mediation. It is enough to have two disputing parties. There is no need to add a third actor in the mix. As such, it is sometimes very important to be able to understand yourself first before you can understand others.

9 11, 2009

First Impressions Count — So Make a Good One

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My mom has always told me that the way you dress is important for your first impression. When I was young, I didn’t listen. But as I have aged, I have come to learn that Mom’s advice was correct. First impressions do matter when it comes to communicating personality through appearance, according to new research by psychologists Laura Naumann of Sonoma State University and Sam Gosling of The University of Texas at Austin.

9 11, 2009

Mediating Employment Disputes

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Many employers are now agreeing to use mediation as a form of resolving disputes with employees. In fact, over the last 10 years, mediation has become the most popular form of alternative dispute resolution used both inside and outside of the court systems. For example, the Los Angeles Superior Court system resolves approximately 50% of its cases through its court mediation panel. In addition, a substantial percentage of additional cases are also resolved through private mediation. In a recent study of federal courts, mediation was found to resolve as much as 80% of the disputes. As such, it is important to understand what mediation is as well is to understand the benefits of mediation.

6 11, 2009

Conflict Resolution Strategies For Everyday Use

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As a mediator, it is my job to be right in the middle of conflict. Indeed, often as a mediator, we have to listen to things that the other side may not be willing to listen and then communicate that message to the other side in a way that does not turn off the other side yet communicates the message. It makes me think that conflict is a normal part of life. We all have conflict, and many people are afraid of conflict. Rather than thinking that conflict is a bad thing, perhaps we can consider using it as a good thing: An opportunity to communicate and clarify in a relationship. As such, I have put together some suggestions when a conflict starts. Hopefully, you will find them interesting...