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25 10, 2009

Presenting Conflicting Information…Or Maybe Not

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A recent study provides some serious evidence that Americans prefer to read articles that agree with the opinions they already hold. Researchers found that people spent 36 percent more time reading articles that agreed with their point of view than they did reading text that challenged their opinions. Even when they read articles contrary to their view, they went back to data that supported their original views.

22 10, 2009

3rd Circuit Allows Court to Consider Informal Settlement Offers in Setting Fees

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I recently was reviewing my twitter and facebook posts and saw one from my colleague, Don Philbin, regarding settlement offers. Don, thank you for pointing my attention to this post. I have copied it here for review.

19 10, 2009

20 Wines Under $20 Competition Results

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I wanted to share with you the results of our first wine tasting competition that happened over this last weekend. For those of you thinking, how does wine tasting connect to mediation, my answer is sometimes after a hard day in mediation, you might need a nice glass of wine.

16 10, 2009

Early Employment Mediaton: Timing Matters

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A new study published in Economic Inquiry addresses the question: "If we can make a deal, why fight?" The authors conclude that a combination of each side recognizing the probable outcome and both sides considering the use of time similarily allow a potential loser of a conflict to use small concessions to successfully appease an expected winner. Given those conditions, small negotiated concessions can work, but in situations where clear and specific inequities exist, small concessions to avoid a fight won’t work.

12 10, 2009

What Do Tiger Woods, Tom Hanks and Top Mediators Have In Common? The Market Conditions And More…

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One of the biggest questions for all people considering the profession of mediation is, “Can I make money being a mediator?” Many people look at mediation and say that it would be wonderful to become a mediator. This is especially true for litigators looking at the siren song of not having to get into discovery disputes, fighting with opposing counsel, and constantly being in fight or flight mode. While I can safely say that I truly am glad that I switched professions to full time mediation. I must warn that mediation is not for the faint of heart.

9 10, 2009

Intercultural Negotiation is as easy as 1-2-3, or is it?

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3 you say. Well that may not be so easy if you are dealing with intercultural communications. I recently read some research on that highlighted the importance of intercultural communications. Negotiations are often fraught with problems anyway. Adding the additional element of intercultural differences can make it extremely difficult to deal with