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15 07, 2009

Let it Show, Let it Show — Make sure to bring proper demonstrative evidence to the mediation

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One of the areas where attorneys can greatly enhance their opportunities at mediation is by brining the proper evidence and demonstrative proof to the mediation. Many attorneys will prepare for a mediation by simply picking up the pleading file and perhaps the discovery file and then go to the mediation. However, they forget to bring many documents that would be critical to assisting in helping the other side to come to a better resolution of the case.

13 07, 2009

The Wandering Mind — Research On How People Zone Out

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Everybody has ADD? Well not exactly ADD. But everybody has difficulty paying attention to a task for more than a few minutes. Even the most simplest of tasks. In fact, not paying attention may actually have significant benefits. Recent research has shown that people experience a very high rate of not paying attention during activities. During these times the mind wanders off to another place. Only in the past decade have they even measured just how common mind wandering is...

10 07, 2009

Apologizing for Not Doing a Favor — The effect of Apology on Compliance and Persuasion

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There has been substantial research on the issue of favors and likelihood of increasing compliance. In addition, there is also a lot of research on the effect of an apology after a transgression. But there has been very little research on what effect, if any, an apology has on increasing compliance when there is no transgression.

8 07, 2009

What's the Forecast For Your Practice — Planning For the Future Practice

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Every year I am surprised by June Gloom. I wake up in the morning and say to myself, “who knew that the weather would be like this?” Well the weather forecasters knew. They are able to predict weather for days, weeks, months and even years. The same day that I was thinking about the weather, my staff was discussing the forecast of the upcoming month of July for the number of cases and how they felt better knowing the forecast. I realized that legal and mediation professionals could use a weather forecaster also. In fact, I realized that I have been weather forecasting for a while now.