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22 06, 2009

Rose Colored Glasses in Mediation Might Be Helpful — Research on Ability to Take In Information and Moods

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A new study suggests that our mood literally changes the way our visual system filters our perceptual experience. In other words, seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is not just a metaphor. It also reiterates that people in bad moods will have tunnel vision.

19 06, 2009

22 Ways For Legal and Mediation Professionals to Use Twitter — Part One

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I have been tweeting in the world of twitter and wanted to comment on my findings and thoughts regarding Twitter. First I must confess that when I first thought of Twitter, I said something to the effect, “why do I want to know what Joe is having for lunch today?” But I am glad to report that I did not persist in this previous state of mind and am glad that I ventured into the world of twitter.

18 06, 2009

I Just Assumed…Assumptions Can Create Nightmares in Mediation and Negotiation

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Many times when I was a child, I would say something inappropriate for the circumstances because I didn’t know the connection between people. In response to the verbal tongue lashing I would get from my mother, I would respond “I just assumed…,” and my mother would always respond “You assumed…Don’t ever assume…When you assume, you make an “A** out of U & ME.” The same is true in mediation.

17 06, 2009

112 Ways to Succeed In Any Negotiation or Mediation: Secrets From a Professional Mediator

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I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, 112 Ways to Succeed in Any Negotiation or Mediation: Secrets From a Professional Mediator. The book is available now at all booksellers but the official launch date is August 1, 2009. The book is a culmination of two years work researching social science, literature, and applying the techniques in real world negotiations.