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26 02, 2009

The Bottom Line on the Bottom Line

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How many times have you heard in a negotiation that a party has reached his or her bottom line. Perhaps you have heard the question, what is the bottom line? Bottom line, our society focuses on the bottom line. This fascination with the bottom line changes the way negotiations take place. It is important to understand that the bottom line, although important, should not be the focus of negotiations. In fact...

13 02, 2009

Does It Hurt to Flirt?

By |2009-02-13T13:24:43-08:00February 13th, 2009|Pyschological Research and negotiations|Comments Off on Does It Hurt to Flirt?

Many people often assume that innocent flirting in the business environment can’t hurt the deal, and maybe could even help. However, the common belief that innocent flirting doesn’t hurt, may turn out to be wrong. Recently, a study conducted...