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19 01, 2009

The Raisin and the Negotiator

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Would you believe that eating a single raisin or piece of chocolate can help you become a better negotiator? It is not the fact that you are eating the raisin, but instead on how you eat the raisin that can make the difference. Researchers have discovered that mindfulness and being in the moment helps to inoculate you to aggressive impulses. Other studies have also corroborated this reserach. This can be useful for you when negotiating because...

13 01, 2009

Fear or No Fear affects Deal or No Deal

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Often, fear can be a significant motivating factor in negotiations. These fears can help the parties to have realistic expectations of the negotiation. Researchers have discovered that people are often motivated by fear of regret. The concept is often called “anticipatory regret.” In four separate studies researchers tested whether and how anticipatory regret affected things like escalating a position or commitment to a position. The researchers found that people desire to minimize future regret and that such a desire significantly motivated the decisions they made in escalating situations. This research can help you as follows...