MidPoint Calculator

MidPoint Calculator


As a mediator I am often the middle ground just like a midpoint is on a line in geometry.  Although mediating is not as simple as figuring out a math equation, I have created a tool that will enable finding the midpoint of the amount demanded related to the amount offered much easier. It is the MidPoint Calculator and Offer/Demand Tracker system.  These new tools will help you quickly calculate the midpoint of two figures or calculate which offers will lead to a particular midpoint during your mediation.  You simply fill in at least two of the boxes and click the “calculate” button.

MidPoint Calculator and Offer/Demand Tracker …

  • Calculate hypothetical offers with ease
  • Track offers and demands, respective midpoint and the difference between offers
  • Keep track of the negotiation data
  • Email your history to yourself
  • Save valuable mediation time


I have received an overwhelmingly favorable response to this new tool.  The clients that have used this tool have found it to be extremely useful in evaluating their negotiating options. I hope you find it to be as exciting as I do.

For a direct link to the MidPoint Calculator press here.

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